Call for Tender

Call for Tender

Visions for Europe!

Art moves Europe e.V. intends to recall the achievements of the European idea and invites          to enter into a dialogue about shaping the future of Europe together. We do this by creating three-dimensional artworks or art at three-dimensional object, realized by artists from different European countries.

Art moves Europe e.V. calls for an artists‘ competition within the scope of which the winning design will be awarded a prize money of 3,500 € to realize the artwork. The target group preferably comprises young artists such as graduates of art academies or master schools from all over Europe.

The artists participating in the tender will submit to Art moves Europe e.V. a concept design, a statement on the vision for Europe, sketches as well as an artistic curriculum. Art moves
Europe e.V. will nominate 10 concept designs for the final selection. Each of those artists will create a model of his/her concept design with a size of 30 to 80 cm at own expenses. The submitted concept design as well as the model will be sent to Art moves Europe e.V. Shipping costs will be covered by Art moves Europe e.V. by particular arrangement.

The sketches and models will later be published in a catalogue of which each selected artist will receive one copy. Furthermore, Art moves Europe e.V. will upload the concept design on the website

The models will form part of a planned moving exhibition in several European countries in 2021, which will be organized and carried out by Art moves Europe e.V.

At the end of the moving exhibition the artists may collect their models at own expenses. Art moves Europe e.V. will not assume liability for any possible damage.

After receipt of the concept designs and models, an independent jury will nominate the winning design. The winner will create the corresponding sculpture with the prize money.

The artwork will pass into the artist’s ownership. In the event of a sale of the artwork within
5 years after completion, Art moves Europe e.V. will receive a provision of 30 % of the sales proceeds.

Tender dates:

Closing date:                                                            31 December 2019

Selection of 10 finalists:                                       by 31 January 2020

Submission of the models:                                  by 31 March 2020

Announcement of the winner:                          30 April 2020

Payment of the prize money:                             9 May 2020

Catalogue production:                                         by 30 August 2020

Realization of the sculpture:                              by 31 March 2021 at the latest

Moving exhibition:                                                from 1 April 2021


Further activities

  • We are looking for sponsoring to ideally realize in all European countries one “Art moves Europe Lighthouse Project” . Accordingly to finally existing funding we will place tenders for the lighthouse projects beginning of 2020. the realization of the artwork will happen from May 2020 to May 2021

Individual Contribution

  • From May 2019 to May 2020 as many as possible sculptures and art at three dimensional objects will realized by individual artists. All artwork will be fused in an virtual event and made availbale to the public in May 2021


  • We offer a workshop concept to distill, which topics we want to solve in a consequently european way and which cultural diversity we want to protec to keep regional identity. The created art projects and the results of the workshops will be documented by using text, photo or and video and models. “Art moves Europe” will have the right to use those documentations for a moving exhibition around Europe to trigger the discussion about the values and the future of the ”European Idea”.

In case you are interested in one of the 3 categories please contac us via our contact formulary to get the explicit contitions of perticipation