Conditions of Participation

Conditions of participation

  • Each sculpture must have a minimum size of 2021 mm.
  • The sculpture must give a positive message about the vision or the future of Europe facing current challenges like sustainability, democracy, open society or similar issues identified by the artists.
  • The sculpture must be set up on May 9th 2022 in a place open and visible to the public and optimally (not mandatory) remain in such place after May 2022.
  • There are no rules or limitations for artists on the concept and realization beside the above. The artists will decide on material, timing etc.
  • The sculptures must be financed, realized and placed by the participating artists and local sponsors.

Art moves Europe e. V. will offer or give support to:

  • Run the website and a YouTube channel to document the development and create publicity which can be used by the artists
  • Find sponsoring, help organizing material and working place, support networking of interested artists
  • Run a virtual fusing event in May 2022
  • Scan the finalized sculpture and print a 3D model on a scale of 1:20
  • Initiate a traveling exhibition after May 2022 showing a map of Europe with the 3D models of the sculptures
  • A 10000 km tour along the sculptures of the European SCULPTURE Path  accompanied by a camera team, documented on a blog and ideally presented in a documentation sponsored by TV or a similar sponsor who can help to make the idea public
  • Find sponsoring from European funds, which would be used to first finance the needed infrastructure and, in case of additional money, refund cost for material and placing for those who could not manage to find local sponsors.
  • A base funding to finance critical steps of the project has already been granted
  • The creation of 4 sculptures in 4 countries has already been committed