Joachim Kreutz

As a trained aircraft builder, I was to be trained as a flight engineer through subsequent studies in mechanical engineering. Shortly before the end of these studies, I was called up to the German Armed Forces. At this junction my new path began and the initiation to become a sculptor, took its course. At the beginning of this path was a serious illness and a personal upheaval. Sent home by the Bundeswehr and reported “home sick” there, I met the sculptor Reiner Uhl, with whom I subsequently worked. Several times in the course of the months he asked me if I didn’t want to do an apprenticeship as a sculptor. After the third time, I said yes. For two years I was in apprenticeship, a time when I did not feel like an apprentice. I completed the sculptor’s apprenticeship as the Hessian state winner, and a year later I passed the master’s examination. The next years I worked in Frankfurt, then as a master sculptor in the Stuttgart area. Returning from there to Frankfurt and looking for a new challenge, I became project manager and coordinator at Niederflorstadt Castle and Jestätt. For ten years I was occupied with this work, in which I was able to start my own business as a sculptor as early as 1986. In 2000 I acquired the recognition as a freelance sculptor. At the same time I began, with a part-deputation, my work as a teacher for sculpture in the upper school, at the Freie Waldorfschule Frankfurt am Main. Another important private note: Married since 1984. Two children: Lena- Marie and Marius.

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