Landmarks of our Society

© Klaudia Kelleh/Discovery Art Fair


Landmarks of our society – Visions for Europe

“Landmarks of our society – Visions for Europe” is an art installation in which 12 sculptures designed by different artists are placed in a kind of borderline. Every sculpture embodies a value that defines our coexistence in Europe. The viewers are invited by a sign to share their thoughts about leaving or moving the values of this community. Another sign invites you to a dialogue about the responsibility that lies with every single citizen of Europe, who lives in the circle of this community of values ​​and wants to help to shape it.

The Installation

12 Landmark- -stone sculptures, all made of different materials, build one installation: the stones are placed side by side in the middle of a room. The arrangement and number of sculptures can be designed flexibly. They are fixed on 50 cm steel stars, which correspond to the stars of the European flag. The stars form the basis for the sculptures and at the same time prevent them from falling over.

The landmarks are connected by signs on the floor, which contain the themes of the sculptures and the names of the artists. The signs are designed in the colors of the EU. The impression of a borderline is created (see picture). Adequate distance between the individual sculptures enables the viewer to walk between them and thus cross the border.

The 12 landmarks can be used without restriction both indoors and outdoors.