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The European Sculpture Path is an initiative of the Art moves Europe e. V .. The aim of the European Sculpture Path is to remember the achievements of the “European Idea” and at the same time to invite a dialogue about the future design of European society. The participating artists realize their sculpture in collaboration with local institutions and sponsors. In this way, the dialogue on Europe is stimulated in the planning phase wherever initiatives are formed.

Chair: Sabine Verheyen, MdEP und Vorsitzende des Kultur- und Bildungsausschusses im EU-Parlament


The idea is that the sculptures are placed in culturally attractive locations. In addition to the artistic aspect, the project also addresses the cultural characteristics of the respective location region. By combining art and culture, as many people as possible should be encouraged to take an active part in the discourse on shaping the future of Europe.

Visions for Europe. We invite artists from all European countries to take part in the European Sculpture Path with a sculpture on the topic of “Visions for Europe” and thus to make a contribution to an open and democratic society in Europe.

In May 2022, we will virtually unite all sculptures to form the European Sculpture Path by creating 3D scans of the sculptures on a documentation trip through Europe and writing reports on the cultural peculiarities of the regions surrounding the location. We hope to have included as many European countries as possible by then.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact or +491782933073.

Conditions of participation Each sculpture must have a minimum size of 2021 mm. The sculpture has to give a positive message about the vision or future of Europe facing current challenges such as sustainability, democracy, open society or similar issues identified by the artists. The sculpture must be set up in a publicly accessible location on May 9, 2022 and optimally (not necessarily) remain in this location after May 2022. There are no rules or restrictions for artists as to the concept and implementation. The artists decide on material, timing, etc. The sculptures must be financed, realized and placed by the participating artists and local sponsors.

Art moves Europe e. V. will support the artists and the project as follows: Maintenance of the website and a YouTube channel in order to document the development and to run advertising that can be used by the artists Search for sponsors, organization of materials and jobs and support in networking interested artists Hold an inauguration event in May 2022 Scanning the finished sculptures and printing the 3D models in 1:20 scale Initiation of a traveling exhibition showing a map of Europe with the 3D models of the sculptures after May 2022 A 10,000 km long tour along the sculptures of the “European SCULPTURE Path”, accompanied by a camera team, documented in a blog and ideally in a documentary that is sponsored by television or a travel magazine and that can help make the idea public Sponsoring from European funds, with which the necessary infrastructure can be financed first and, in the case of additional money, after paying the material and placement costs, financial support for the artists. Basic funding for critical project steps has already been secured. Motivation of the project Europe as a continent has a unique situation that is based on fantastic regional and cultural diversity and, at the same time, has created the vision of democratic and peaceful cooperation in an open and democratic society over the past 70 years. At the same time, Europe is facing major challenges and must overcome stagnation, defend itself against nationalist tendencies and create a new vision for Europe in addition to economic aspects. In art, in sports or in music, people from different cultures understand the meaning and are especially enthusiastic about dialogue, diversity and inspiration from other cultural backgrounds. We believe that we have a responsibility to set a good example for political and capital-political organizations. We show what is possible if we only use the strength of committed people and the willingness to show respect and promote cooperation and dialogue. This initiative aims to convey the message to society to defend and develop these achievements by taking action and sending tangible and visible signs of a bright future for a strong Europe in the world.