Euoropean SCULPTUREPATH 2021-Visons for Europe

Such kind of scan will be produced for all sculptures created by the artists for the European SCLUPTUREPATH 2021. The 3D models will be arranged to a virtuel journey along the sculptures. The printed 3D models will build a moving exhibition.

European SCULPTURE Path 2021 – Visions for Europe

 Art moves Europe e. V. invites artists from all European countries to create a European SCULPTURE Path 2021 targeting one sculpture in each European country. In an ideal scenario the sculpture will be the result of a dialogue between two or more artists from two different cultural regions of Europe.

  • Europe as a continent has a unique situation, based on a fantastic regional and cultural diversity and at the same time having created a vision of democratic and peaceful cooperation over the last 70 years in an open and democratic society.
  • Europe is at the same time facing huge challenges and needs to overcome stagnation, defend against nationalistic tendencies and create a new vision for Europe besides economic aspects.
  • In art, sports or music people from diverse cultures understand the importance and are mostly enthusiastic about dialogue, diversity and inspiration from other cultural background. We believe that we have a responsibility to give a good example to political and capital organizations, showing what is possible by only using the power of committed people and willingness to live respect and promote cooperation and dialogue.
  • This initiative wants to give a message to the society to defend and develop those achievements by taking action and creating tangible and visible signs for a bright future of a strong Europe in the world.