The Project Idea

We create Art to recall and develop the European Idea

Artists from all European countries create three-dimensional art or art at three-dimensional objects to recall the values and achievements of the European idea and trigger the discussion about the future of Europe.

The art objects will have a minimum height of 2 m and be installed in all European countries, optimally in public space. The timeframe for creation and installation is from 9 May 2019 to 9 May 2021.

Each art project will represent a unique message why we need to save and develop the European idea. The art projects will have a unique shape and material defined by the artist.

On 9 May 2021, all sculptures will be merged virtually to one huge art installation around Europe with a strong message to societies in Europe.

The project focusses on positive messages about the European idea and will not claim on any person or institution in a direct or hurting manner.