Alfred Mevissen

Born    1958 in Geilenkirchen

1977    Study for teaching training at RWTH Aachen

Employed in the pharmaceutical industry since 1985, most recently in the field of cancer therapy

Artistic activity

2004    First sculptural activity during the leadership seminar “EinStein – Leadership is relativ”

2006   Exhibition in Novartis in Nuremberg on the topic “Perspectives on living with cancer”

2010    First large-format sculpture “Black and White Gold” in public space

2011    Group exhibition Maybach, Bodnegg, Bodensee

2012   Publication of the book “Perfekt kann jeder – Steine als Wegweiser zu neuen Perspektiven”

2013    Auction of a marble shoe in favor of the Children’s Cancer Aid, South Tyrol in Laas, as part of the celebration “Marble and Apricots”

2015    Group exhibition Mochenwangen, Allgäu

2015    Initiation of the firstOAAH ( Open Alsdorf Atelier Houses)

2016    Living Sculpture at the Childhood Cancer Center Maria Letizia Verga, Monza, Italy

2016 Initiation of the international art project “Pillars of Freedom”

2017    Sculpture “Renewable Energies” installed as a part of Pillars of Freedom in Alsdorf

2017    Sculpture “Simplicity” installed as a part of the project Pillars of Freedom in Tuglie, Puglia, Italy

2017    Implementation of an international sculpture symposium in Alsdorf in which 6 large-format sculptures for the Alsdorf parks were created

2017   Erection of 6 sculptures in the parks of Alsdorf, including “The fool” on the subject freedom of speech

2017    Erection of 5 pillars of freedom on the Vintschgau cycle path Reschenpass Meran

2018    Placement of the Sculpture “Wings of Life”, Racale, Pulglia, Italy

2018    Founding of the association “Art moves Europe”  and initiation of the international social political art project holding the same name.

2018    Publishing of the book “Ich bin die Freiheit? – Ansichten zu den Säulen der Freiheit? – “I am the Freedom? – Visions of the Pillars of Freedom”