Gigantino del Balossa – Parco Nord Milano


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                                             Alessandro Pongan
The Parco Balossa is a piece of nature that strenuously resisted the building assault in Milan, Italy.
The Gigantino is an anthropomorphic landmark, symbol of resilience, inspired by the mysterious giants of Isla de Pascua and the Japanese UFO-Robots. A gentile giant and a refuge for birds.
The pose of the character reminds us the first movements of a child on the ground, like a new awareness of man towards a more harmonious balance with the environment.
Technique: recycled Innocenti iron building tubes and climbing plants of Parthenocissus Quinquefolia (the plantsfollow the rhythm of nature, changing color along the seasons). 
Dimenions: cm 440 x 590 x H 320
Artist: Alessandro Pongan
Location: Parca Balossa, Milano, Italy
Material: Steel and Nature