My textile for Europe

My Textile for Europe

Men think they are doing great things when they make big stones small.

Women create small things, but make them big!


I invite you to create a 50 cm x 50 cm piece of fabric plus 1cm seam allowance of sturdy cotton on the theme “My fabric for Europe”. Appliqué, embroidery, painting, … everything is allowed.

Please send the finished artwork to:

Ursula Mevissen

Von-Ketteler-Str. 14

52477 Alsdorf

I will then assemble the individual fabrics into a patchwork of at least 300cm x 300 cm. If more than 36 fabrics for Europe come together, the next goal is 49, then 64 and so on.

We will present the total work of art on May 9, 2022 at our opening event of the European Sculpture Trail.

Each individual work will be published on our website in advance.

I am looking forward to many great submissions!

Deadline for entries is 31.12.2021