Unified in Diversity – The Exeriment

The experiment.

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Art moves Europe e.V. wants to create borderless “European sculpture”.

“United in diversity” is the motto of the EU, which describes the conviction to be able to live successfully in a diverse society not only next to each other but with each other.

But how serious are we about the European idea if we have to give up part of our own idea for it?

In this innovative art experiment 7 sculptors work on one and the same stone, with the task to contribute creatively and the simultaneous willingness to contribute their own work without the guarantee that it will remain in exactly this form. The experiment deliberately goes to personal limits and wants to make visible and document the process from the “ego” to the “we”, from coexistence to togetherness.

Each artist is given all the freedom, including reworking the work of his colleagues, to further develop the design of the sculpture optimally with his own talents.

The point of this project is not to “put one’s personal stamp on the sculpture” but to think and act as a whole in order to create an independent community work, which develops its own language out of diversity.

We want to find out and make visible, symbolically for Europe, how the process from “ego” to “we” is possible.

We are particularly interested in the following exciting questions.

What does this kind of collaborative project do to the individual artist?

How difficult is it to put one’s own work at the disposal of the project?

How much does the knowledge of the general conditions influence one’s own actions?

Does a “we-identity” emerge and is the finished art competitive on the art market?

We will address these questions in a video documentation and make it available to the public on our website www.art-moves-europe.eu, among other places.

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