My idea for Europe

At the event “Landmarks of our society – Visions for Europe” carried out by Art moves Europe e.V., participants wrote down suggestions of their ideas about what we can do better in Europe.

You are also cordially invited to send us your idea for Europe. We will also publish this anonymously here!

Resolutions passed with a majority of the votes of the member states must be binding for all states

Finally solve the inhumane situation of the refugees in the community

More binding competences for the European Parliament, the European Council and the Commission

I wish “good will” from all sides for the issues of our time: Climate, social issues, refugees, culture and music, human values, school politics, children, senior citizens. 

Subsidy for the Interrail ticket including stamp for all capital cities

Moria casts a black shadow over all of Europe, showing solidarity everywhere

Recognize climate change, Paris goals must be recognized across Europe

In the 2000s there was an event – theater, choral singing, music, etc. in Alsdorf-Eupen and Maastricht. We should revive something like that and encourage intercultural action

3 months mandatory stay in another European country after graduation

Lobbyism must be abolished!

Better redistribution of finances