Europe is worth engaging in!

The European Union is currently facing challenging times. And for sure there are reasons in politics why people have some question marks about the way things are managed. Nationalism and populistic parties are profiting from those developments. But before saying goodbye to the European idea, which has secured a life in prosperty and peace over the last 70 years, we should think about ways how to secure the achievements of the European idea and how we can build on this, because the solution for our future is for sure not in going back to nationalistic approaches but being brave enough to even more consequently engage for a Europe of Europeans and not a Europe of national states. We all want to keep the beauty of multiple cultures in Europe and the diversity of minds. If we want to solve the current problems of the European Union, we need to ensure that social standards are guaranteed to all inhabitants of Europe on the same level. We need to ensure that Europe will be represented with one voice. With the right balance of respecting individual and cultural diversity based on common standards for all people in Europe, the future of Europe will be a bright one.  “Art moves Europe” invites you to  a dialog about the future of Europe!

Alfred Mevissen Dec 13.2018