Event Katschhof Aachen

Event Katschhof Aachen

On Sunday, April 7 Art -moves- Europe e.V. participated in an Event for Europe organized by Pulse of Europe. We presented our Europe installation with the aim to gather voices and idease about Europe. Please see below unfiltered comments from over 200 particpants reflecting their ideas about Europe.

Why is Europe worth it to get involved? What is inspiring about Europe? Where do we need more Europe and where do we need to promote national or regional identity? What is your idea for the future of Europe? Share your thoughts on Europe with us, why do you think Europe’s most important achievement? We collect these over several weeks and will publish them before the election. Thank you for your contribution! Www.art-moves-europe.eu

Ideas about Europe, which we could collect from the participants.

The universities of Europe work together – but it gets better

Harmonizing pensions and the social system would be great

Free travel through Europe for all Europeans

Europe = Terre d’accueil

Good luck for a strong community!

Freedom living in Europe in another country – studying without applying for new visas – great!

Transnational project music events

A European citizenship

Got old pet breeds For peace,

Open borders,

Demands equality in the economic sphere,

Exchange of cultures

What I want for Europe’s future: More women’s rights, more tolerance (foreigners, religion),

stronger rights for the LGBTQ community, more rights to the Internet,

Promotion of renewable energy sources,

Better education that makes life easier for people in Europe to work,

Closing the gap between poor and rich,

Developing new ideas for democracy / education system.

What I like about Europe: traveling freely, having a single currency, counterbalancing Russia, China and the US, a strong sense of community, strong trade, promoting projects that make us Europeans stronger and more independent.

Why I like Europe: Europe makes it easy for me to get to know traveling between countries and the cultures of neighboring countries.

Erasmus program

What I would wish for: More unity, promotion of sustainable ideas, equality between men and women.

There is still a large deficit in the presentation of the EU’s achievement, especially the EU as a peace project.

Europe is a wonderful project, all the confidence and strength for Europe is needed.

More social Europe for workers.